Is Biden’s senility due to drug poisoning?

After perusing White House physician Kevin O’Connor’s July 22 account of the covid-19 infected president’s medical record, I’m asking myself the headlined question. The doctor informs that the president is being treated with Pfizer’s new expensive antiviral Paxlovid against the coronavirus. Studies of Paxlovid’s effects show that the agent is largely ineffective and that it is directly dangerous in combination with other medications that Biden is taking. The latter has prompted doctors to stop medication with the blood thinner (Eliquis) and cholesterol lowerer (Crestor) which Biden normally is prescribed.

There can be no doubt today that the president is suffering from severe symptoms of some form of dementia. The information provided thus indicates that the president has already been put on the crestor statin, which lowers LDL cholesterol in the blood. A number of research studies have shown clear associations between the presence of dementia and low levels of blood LDL cholesterol as well as medication to lower the LDL level. The observation that Biden stumbles on airplane stairs and rides a bicycle over may also be caused by known side effects of statin medication.

In my book about the metabolic pandemic, I have  written about the insanity of treating millions of mainly old people with cholesterol-lowering statins. The subject is also well treated by my friend and cardiologist Aseem Malhotra in his new book A Statin-free Life. The brain, which consists primarily of cholesterol, is in great need of this substance, especially in older people where you have to count the 79-year-old Biden. I myself (79) have sky-high LDL levels, but would not dream of taking statins.

The reason why the medical establishment prescribes these noxious statins is an old contradictory hypothesis that LDL cholesterol is the main cause behind atherosclerosis and certain types of cardiovascular morbidity. There is a long list of recent research studies that show an opposite connection and that old people with high cholesterol are healthier and live longer. The problem is that, in the eighties, the pharmaceutical industry developed these medicines and successfully launched them with the help of what I consider to be a corrupt medical profession. Statins are today the single medicine that brings in the most money to Big Pharma – it’s hundreds of billions.

My hypothesis is that Biden’s often confused condition may be caused by his doctors putting him on the Crestor statin that gives him a dangerously low LDL cholesterol level. An extraordinarily toxic medication of the man responsible for the world’s second largest nuclear arsenal. This gruesome relationship must be brought to the fore and discussed before it becomes the indirect cause of a nuclear war that puts an end to humanity.

Lars Bern